St Fillian's Cave door
Inside the cave
Again the cave
Looking backwards
Steps to where?
Steep street where the cave is
Main entrance of the cave
Happy face
Another street
Narrow streets
A little old lighthouse?
The pier
The newer lighthouse
Visiting St. Fillian's cave /
discovering Scotland
I wanted to visit this village for a long time so we decided to go for it last weekend, also we did visit Saint Andrews and our favourite Chip shop and we had some ice cream as well! We have to go every once and then because both the fish and chips and the ice cream are awesome! But that is not the point today! Let's focus on the important part of the trip: Pittenweem :)
It is a really cute wee fishing village and you can see Saint Monans in the distance from the harbour. Even though it is a very small village we could park the car no problem :) and for free :P I was looking for information on the Internet about how to visit St Fillian's Cave, because is not that obvious if you are not prepared, I'll explain,you need to pick up the key to the gate from the key custodians, currently in The Pittenweem Chocolate Company around the corner on the High street. It costs you £1 per person and you'll receive the Key for the Iron Gate! There is a sign in front of the door as well explaining it, so don't worry. Once you get the key you can access the cave, you'll first have to turn on the lights if you want to see something :P Doing a bit of research it seems that there is a legend in regards the cave, an Irish missionary called St. Fillan was hiding in the wee cave as he was trying to convert the local picts to Christianity, but the cave was so dark that he couldn't read anything in there, he was very worried about it as the sermons were not well prepared so he asked his Lord for a solution and God gave him a magical glowing left arm, and after that he was very happy reading and writing with his new arm. Well it is a legend after all, you can believe it or not :P This is a very small cave but it is worth it.
After visiting the cave, we went for a walk around the village, I must say that the streets are pretty narrow and steep! But it is a nice village with the typical fishy aroma surrounding the harbour :P Also we bought some candies at the local store and they were quite nice! It was a really small shop with a curiosity and it was that on the walls they had some pictures of their dogs with the date of birth and death! A bit unusual :)
Some tips:
- Looking for a nearby place to eat? Go to Saint Andrews! Where to go Also do not miss Jannettas Gelatteria just 5 minutes from Cromars
- Do not miss the chance to visit the cave!