Just in front of the main door
Ground floor
Another one of the Cathedral
Views from the tower
Views from the tower
Views from the harbour
Two seaguls in the sea
Nice house near the castle
Our friend hammish McHamish
Saint Andrews Castle
views from the Castle
Detail of the Castle
A day out in Saint Andrews /
discovering Scotland
You can park your car on the beach (for free) and then have a nice walk from there to the cathedral, and passing by the harbour as well. You can visit the old cathedral and the graves for free, but if you want to explore some more, you can buy a ticket for the castle and the big tower inside the walls of the Cathedral, or the weekly pass (I always recommend to buy the weekly pass with HS if you are planning on visiting some more castles). We've been here a couple of times, and the last time there, with the annual membership, we decided to go up to the St Rule's Tower, well the views from there are quite nice, you can see the whole city and more! The only point is that for your security you cannot reach the edge of the tower, so you can't look down! But is worth it anyway :) You can also go to the castle, is not very big, but the views from there are really cool!
The city has also this curiosity about the cat: Hamish McHamish, that it was a lovely street cat living there for years and it was pretty bonny cat as well! He published even a book! It was the most famous cat in the city. There is a statue in his honor in Church Square, just because he was purrfeclty adorable!
In this concrete case we never EVER take our lunch to Saint Andrews and the reason is Cromars! I have to say that we are not very keen on fish and chips but, this one is the best! We really love it! And it's for sure, because they won an award in 2016 Best Fish and Chips in Scotland, so no more words needed. I discovered the place with my parents, it was a coincidence, but they wanted to eat something typical and I just saw the restaurant and it seemed nice, so we had our lunch there and... It was great! We usually order the fish breaded instead of battered, and it's awesome! And the tartare sauce is delicious! Oh now I'm hungry! So let's talk about the deserts then... Jannettas Gelateria, just 5 minutes from Cromars, they have the best ice creams ever! So it's the best combination :P I am always trying new flavours so whatever you want I'm sure that you will not be disappointed!! The only flavour that I am still doubting about is the Irn Bru Barr, but is because I do not like the drink, but I have to taste it at least once!
Some tips:
-Best Chippy in Scotland: Cromars
-And after the fish.... best Gelateria in Scotland in my opinion: Jeannettas Gelateria
-More info about Hamish McHamish!