The Pineapple
The Pineapple from behind
Views from the front
Views from the front garden
Woods behind the Pineapple
Views from inside
Again the Pineapple :)
Strange Places in Scotland: The Pineapple /
discovering Scotland
I was looking for weird places and I found this one: A Pineapple Building?!? What? So we had to go. I remember I was talking about this with my colleagues at work and none of them knew about this building, another reason to go. This bizarre building is located in Dunmore Park in Stirlingshire, and the story behind it is that it was built in 1761 as a hothouse used for growing pineapples, which at that time were very rare and exotic fruits. Nowadays The Pineapple has been converted into holiday summer house that you can book, it is a bit expensive but well you can say that you were living inside a pineapple for some days!
After a bit of history and explanations, our experience there :) It was easy to find (the road is not in its best days, but...) and you can park the car easily just in front of the garden (for free). Once there, you can see the green grounds and a wee pond that was all green as well, you can thing that it is still grass but it is not! Don't try to walk over the water :P With no time to lose we went to the building quickly, it was very impressive all the details that the pineapple has are really well done. We entered the little hall and it was full of swallows! It remind me my home town in Spain, we have so many there during spring, they're cool!!
Some tips:
- If you want to sleep inside the Pineapple: The Pineapple
- Perfect place for a picnic if it is not raining :)
- Don't miss Dunmore House, just 10 minutes walking from the Pineapple: Dunmore House