Dunmore house manor
More Shadows
Printed wall
Old windows
Dunmore House from afar
In the Shadows
Behind the trees
Dunmore House is full of shadows
Broken walls
No windows
Empty doors
Main entrance
Back of Dunmore House
Another view from the backyard
Abandoned Scotland: Dunmore House /
discovering Scotland
Let me start confessing that I wanted to go there because this place was one of the locations that the crew of Outlander used for filming some scenes specifically, this was the the bombed-out hospital where Claire was working during World War II, so that was a plus :) In any case, I really enjoy being in abandoned places like this, you have this strange feeling like you are in danger, or that someone can show up from anywhere... It is weird and cool at the same time. Also it was a challenge to find it because there was no concrete path to follow and we may have failed (as we did sometimes before locating places) but we didn't, this time :)
I am going to give you some leads to find it, first you need to find the pineapple after that just follow the path that go under the wall, cross the creek and walk near a ruined tower then, go over 2 fallen trees, and when you see the green field cut across it and after a short walk you will find it hidden behind the trees.
Once there, I am sure you will find it, if you are brave and extremely cautious at the same time you may explore further that we did, because there are some holes and a lower floor that we did not go, because we thought that it was too much for us :P In any case, the Gothic Manor was quite interesting, there where 2 dark doors that we were a bit scared :) and we saw like a basement without stairs and it had a sign saying something like: you will die there... So... Just in case, better not to go inside it!
Some tips:
- Be careful, at the end it is an abandoned building and it is not fully secure
- Don't go there by night too many holes there that you can miss, take care
- We had 4G so no chance to get lost :)