5 Scottish Lochs you must see (and a Lake) /
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Think about Scotland for a second... just mention one of the things that you have in mind: Castles? aye sure, one more? lochs, maybe? That´s the correct answer! There are so many to discover, so so many! And I am about to write about some of them, the ones that I like the most, and surprise, surprise, Loch Ness is not one of them! Don´t get me wrong, I like it, it is cool, and it´s the most famous here, that is true, but everyone one in the world knows about this one, so why not go and visit something different? Let´s get started then!
1 - Loch Earn
First of all one of my favourites: Loch Earn. I just love this place! First time there it was on 2012 and I think I did not took a single photo of the loch itself, just because there are a flock of ducks (they are always there) and we were feeding them so we didn't realise about the surroundings (we were there for about 5 minutes maybe?). Second time there, it was on purpose to see the Loch and the jetty. I didn't remember about 2012 at that time, Once there when we saw the ducks I knew it! Apart from feed the ducks this one is really nice, and it has an unexpected visitor, just in front of the 4 Seasons hotel, you will find the statue of a man next to the jetty. It is a very interesting point to take some shots, it's surreal :)
Just the Loch with the wee man
Loch Earn
The jetty
The jetty with a friend
2 - Loch Lomond
Second one? Loch Lomond maybe :) It was the first loch that we saw back in 2008, so every time there I remember that first trip to Scotland and how we enjoyed our time there. It is a big one as well, with some interesting points, like the standing tree (pretty famous) or just to take a ride around it. It is really peaceful just to walk by the shore and enjoy with the views.
Wee isle
Most famous tree in this loch
3 - Loch Tay
Another that I really like is Loch Tay. It is an interesting place to take some photos, you have the Crannog, a wee island and some cool jettys all around the area as well. It's amazing to see the houses (or mansions) that are on the shore, oh my, they seemed so expensive and cool!
Loch Tay Crannog
Trees in the midde of the loch
4 - Loch Turret
My fourth one? Loch Turret, this one is interesting because it has a dam on it. I have a thing with dams and lighthouses, there are some mystery around them, and I love mystery :) In this concrete one, I have to say that the day couldn't be better, it was a dreich day and the mists were rolling into the mountains... awesome!
The dam
Loch Turret views
Approaching the dam
Just a door
5 - Loch Morlich
Last one but not least, Loch Morlich. We visited this one during winter, it was all covered in snow, fabulous! I really enjoyed that day, the tranquillity was incredible and the loch looked like a mirror, and with the white mountains beside it, just amazing.
Hello, i am a duck
Just more rocks
The amazing Loch
Special Mention... Lake of Menteith
And my special mention goes to... Lake of Menteith. This is Scotland's only lake, but until 19th century it was known as Loch of Menteith and then it changed to Lake, no explanation provided why it became a Lake, but... It remains as Lake, for now :) This one is really nice because of the surroundings and because of Inchmahome Priory, good option for a day out because you can go and take your lunch in the wee island :)
Lake of Menteith
The lake again
The one and only Lake
So what do you think? It is a good ranking? There are a lot more in here, and all of them are worth a visit I think. Actually I still have on my list 4 or 5 more that seems very interesting!!
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