The Kelpies in blue
The Kelpies head
The Kelpies head
The kelpies in white
Sunset in the Kelpies
The Kelpies - Head in red
The Kelpies - Neck horse
The Kelpies in yellow
The Kelpies in red
The Kelpies in white
Visiting the Kelpies, better by night /
discovering Scotland
These two sculptures are situated next to the Forth & Clide canal and inside the Helix Park in the Falkirk Council Area. The name reflected the mythological shape-shifting spirits that usually lives in the lochs of Scotland. My main goal with this visit was to take some long exposure photos, so we were waiting until the sunset. And then they turn on the lights, and they become even more impressive, with the changing colors, it was really nice.
If you want some advices about how to take the photos, I must say that apart from the usual photos, you could take some long exposure ones, so you need a tripod for this. Be careful with the electric towers that are standing behind the Kelpies, they are not very photogenic. And some warm clothes! It could be very cold during the night, so take care.
Other things to do:
-The Falkirk Wheel
-Linlithgow Palace
-Blackness Castle