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Tentsmuir: Beach and seals, altogether /
discovering Scotland
Been there 3 or 4 times, I must confess that the main reason to go there was: the seals. We could see them only the first time there and they were so far away from us! I could take some pictures but from the beach you could barely realize that those wee grey things on the horizon were actually seals. They were observing us with curiosity, so cute, but this was the only time that we seen them. If you are interested as well the best time to see them is at low tide when they haul out on to the sandbars.
Apart from the seal watching, you can spend an entire day just walking. It is cool because you can walk through the beach for a start and then go back to the car park through the forest!! And the most unexpected thing happened to us last time there, and it was that we found a few cows just there on the beach! What they were eating on the beach? At the end it turned out that they are usually there, anyway it was really weird to find them there! lol.
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