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The Beach
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Enjoying the sunshine in St Cyrus Beach /
discovering Scotland
The day before the trip it was raining a lot, we weren't sure on what to do on Saturday... The day came and so did the sun, so I started preparing our meal (my traditional Spanish Tortilla), my camera and... Ready to go! In about an hour we reach our first stop, St Cyrus beach. We parked the car nearby a church, really close to the beach, we were lazy that day :) I must say that, as I am from Spain I used to go to the beach, but those beaches are very different than the ones that you can find here. I lived next to the Mediterranean Sea, so wide beaches, white sand aye pretty beaches but if you turn your head back you will see lots of buildings, and this is not that nice maybe. But here It is another story! the wilderness is amazing sometimes! In St Cyrus it's the cliffs that make a difference, they are gigantic! We took a path that goes next to the cliffs and through a hotel and then down to the beach (remember this point, behind the hotel, we will come back to this later). We reached the beach after a while, and that was even better, it was beautiful, the white sand and the big rocks were cool. We found there lots of dead jellyfish :( shame, but well… there’s nothing that we could do about it, so we go on…and then I saw it… a cave! Lucky us we had low tide so, we could enter to the cave. The path was not clear, and if you wanted to enter to it you were gonna be wet… because there was water in front of it. I wanted to go there badly so I drop off my shoes and there we go! One inside I started to hear a noise… a squawk maybe? A seagull? Something worse? I panicked and I had the time to took some photos but I didn’t reach the end of the cave! Sorry I couldn’t do it… I am not that brave sometimes :) We went back to the car to take our lunch, and then the sun attacked us! It was pretty hot, maybe even similar to Spain? (In June). It was a really nice day at the end! Too warm for us :P Now the bad part, remember that point behind the hotel? Ok If you go straight there just 5-20 minutes far from there, you will find a waterfall just there at the beach. We missed that, and now I know it because I saw a video of that area later on that day, at home. So, we have another place to go again!
Next point! WOW that one was a complete failure! The hidden waterfall… remember my post from Devil’s Pulpit? So this is quite similar, imagine a normal road and a little bridge, you may not even notice that it is a bridge, but if you park the car and you go by feet you will feel the difference. First of all, you will hear the roar of the waterfall, and if you take a look down in the bridge… you will feel the terror, the height of that is just too much! So the idea was to go down there and took some photos… it was impossible we were scared, it seemed too dangerous… failure! We cannot reach the bottom, and it was time to go home all sad but happy at the same time :) maybe for our next visit to St Cyrus (and with a rope) we will do it!
Some tips:
- Prepare some nice lunch and enjoy the sunshine
-Name of the waterfall for if you want to give it a chance: The Den Finella waterfall.