Dramatic isle
Staffa Isle
Inside the cave
The misterious cave
Lovely green land
The cave
Dramatic views
Another cave
Views from the top
More Isle
In the pier
Leaving the Isle
Staffa tour, part II: Staffa /
discovering Scotland
Let’s continue the journey with our main destination: Staffa, and Fingal’s cave concretely. Remember that we were about to took the transport from Mull to Staffa, this time the boat was not gigantic, just for 25 people maybe? I must say that I was scared, not because of the boat, but because of the amount of people that were on board, sorry to be anti-social sometimes but I have to think in the photos and I don’t like people on them :P I know, I know, I can delete them on Photoshop if needed, but I don’t like to do this. So we were on the boat just enjoying the views and I started to glimpse something in the distance...Not quite sure if it was the Isle at the beginning but just a few minutes later I realised that it was our destination. I was very excited with my camera ready for the action! We were just in front of the Isle now, so everyone started moving around, and I was trying to just find a space in between them, it was so impossible I was desperate only seeing heads there! But at the end I could make it, and see at the end the cave! I almost fell off the boat, but I was there and at least I could take some nice pictures... On our way back the people was not that active and they let me enjoy the views of Fingal's Cave and took some more picts as well.
We reach the pier, and then we had an hour there to investigate, in my opinion I needed another hour there! First half an hour we were heading Fingal's cave, following the rest of the group. We just let them go ahead a little so I was taking some images off the coast and some details, so when we arrived to the cave, most of the people were leaving. At the end I had the opportunity to fully enjoy the visit, because even with 25 people there it was not as bad as I was expecting, people were very comprehensive and I was talking with a woman (she was maybe 85 or more!) she was an amateur photographer so she was taking some photos as well! It was funny because when we were going back from the cave her friends said to her: We were worried about you! so she answered: «I had to take some pictures!» Photographers... hehe I totally understand her :)
We were walking for 10 more minutes, but it was time to go! As I said before, maybe 30 more minutes just to be sure that we were not missing anything! but well, it was an awesome experience anyway! Once in the boat, we were ready for our next destination: Iona... You will have to wait until next week! Just a sneak peek: whitest sands that I ever seen!
Some tips:
- Do some yoga before this trip in order to take good shots from the boat :)
- Website for booking the trips: Staffa Tours