St Abbs Lighthouse
Photo from the harbour
Another from the harbour
Views of the hills
Views of the cliffs
More views
Different angle
The lighthouse again
More views
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Dramatic views
Different point of view
Just a detail
More cliffs
Looking for lighthouses, Part III /
discovering Scotland
I mainly wanted to go there because of the lighthouse, but I must say that it was even better than I expected. First of all it was difficult to find the way to the lighthouse, but we asked in the village and they explained to us how to get there. It´s just before you enter to St Abbs you have to go to the left to the St Abbs Head Nature Reserve, here you have two options, or park the car in the parking area here and go walking to the lighthouse (it could take almost 2 hours to reach it) or you can enter with the car and park it on the top of the mountain, it seemed a private road, and you have to open a gate, but the people there said that it was ok, so don´t worry too much and go on.
We decided to go with the car, because it was too late to walk for almost 4 hours, we were there in just 10 minutes (the road is very twisted and narrow, but the views are magnificent) you´ll arrive to the very top of the mountain, there are a little area for cars (maybe 6 or 7 spots) and now you just can enjoy with the views! I first wanted to see the lighthouse, and for my surprise this is a private lighthouse! You cannot enter :( anyway there is a little path and you can at least see the lighthouse a little closer. After that we walked by the cliffs, and it was amazing! Even better than the lighthouse. It was full of birds, not sure what kind of, but there were thousands of them, like little black birds, very noisy as well, but it was really cool! What a shame that I don´t have a proper lens and I just saw them from the distance :)
Some tips:
-This place it´s not to far from Tantallon castle, you can revisit my review here: Tantallon Castle
-This is also a good place if you want to visit Bass Rock because the boats leave from North Berwick that is 47 minutes from St Abbs, you can find more info here:Boat Trip to Bass Rock