Saint Monans - Zigzag pier
Saint Monans - crosspath
Saint Monans - Plants with wind
Saint Monans sea
Saint Monans - Rocks and water
Saint Monans Birds Stair
Saint Monans Street cars
Saint Monans Water Pier
Saint Monans water calm
Rain boots in Saint Monans
Saint Monans sun light over green
Saint Monans calm water
Saint Monans Windmill
Stormy day in Saint Monans /
discovering Scotland
This is a really interesting path if the weather is nice :). Our first stop was Crail, one of the most picturesque and charming fishing villages you’ll ever visit in Scotland. We parked the car near a playground area next to the beach, and we started walking heading towards the harbour. Passing by castle walk, really nice path with green areas and excellent views of the Isle of May.
Our next stop…lunch! In one of the best fish and chips of Scotland, maybe you know the place, is the Anstruther Fish Bar. Very nice restaurant, not very expensive and with lovely fresh fish, and after lunch you could eat an ice-cream in the same bar. So with a full belly and a happy heart, we reach our final destination: Saint Monans. I must confess that my idea was to go there with high tide, because I wanted to take some shots of the zig zag pier. At first sight, we couldn’t see the pier, and at the end we realized that we had do climb a little wall (There is a metallic ladder, so don’t worry), and there it was! Amazing views, but… one recommendation, take care with the waves! That day the ocean was angry with the world, and we were soaked with the first wave (including my poor camera).
We have to go back again and try to take long exposure photos of the pier (if the ocean let me) and also try to walk some more by the Fife Coastal Path, that is really nice. I highly recommend this path, be careful with the tides, because with high tide you cannot walk for some sections of the path.
Some tips:
-If you want to take some photos of the pier, take care with the waves! Protect the camera!
-In order to protect the camera (think about the gremlins, they don't like water...your camera is Gizmo!), some waterproof protection or something, just in case.