Lovely day
Edzell Castle
Castle from the inside
Radioactive green
I want to go there
Castle grounds
Yellow and alone
Let me in
That's a green garden
Where am I
Just dramatic
Lonely red tree
Lovely garden
The amazing adventures of Rufo in: Edzell Castle /
discovering Scotland
Hi again! my dearest followers! I did some investigation and it seems that Scotland is famous because of the magnificence of the Castles that they have. I had no idea about what a castle was so I went first to a place that the humans call "Public Library" and I was learning a bit about history, it was quite interesting I must say, and at the end of my readings I was excited to visit one… Or all of them!! Keep calm Rufo, keep it calm. I decided to go to the nearest one, and this was Edzell Castle. It seems that you should pay to enter to these places! And well, I did not have any idea about what a pound is… (I will need to figure out how to get some of that "pounds" for myself if I want to keep visiting places, maybe I can work as a bodyguard, I am pretty good at fighting) I was talking with the woman there, she was very nice to me and explained that she could let me visit the place that time, but that I will need to pay for the "Historic Scotland Membership" (No idea either, I have lots of homework to do!).
The visit itself it was nice, there were areas to climb, dark places, stairs (It was not hard for me to climb them, as I am the strongest Stormtrooper ever) … I found a nest with some chicks, it seemed like a pharple, but I doubt it as they are originally from Lok, not the Earth, but who knows! After that I went to the grounds and I was walking around the garden, they even had there a "Summer House", to me it was just like a little house, no idea about that "summer" reference… Anyway, I also saw another strange bird, at first I thought that it couldn’t fly as it was wandering around the ground (it seemed pretty dumb to me, being honest), but it turned out that the creature could do it! And it left before I could took a picture of it, no idea about the race of it… Maybe it is a common bird in Scotland, I will investigate further.
That is everything for today! I will be in touch soon :)
- Rufo, the ex-stormtropper