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Afraid of nothing
I'm amazing
Little wave
The amazing adventures of Rufo in: The Beach /
discovering Scotland
Hi again!! Even though I enjoyed so much my time playing with the snow on my first trip, I wanted to do something completely different for my second trip, so I went to the beach! Following the advice of a friend of mine I decided to go to Montrose (I think it is the name of the village) and begin my expedition from there. I found first an interesting area with some abandoned boats, I was enjoying myself balancing from one boat to the other for a while, I must say that I am quite an impressive trooper so it was dead easy for me! But do not try it if you are not as trained as me. After that I found a strange building with a sign showing that it was a dangerous place, well... I did not care about it and I decided that it could be a great idea to climb that wall, I am afraid of nothing!! Also I took a picture with the funny sign, lol!
After that I continued south for a while and I found an amazing beach, I was having fun there and suddenly I got stuck by the sand... I couldn't move, I was thinking: Well is not that bad, and I am strong so I can stay a little more and relax. BUT the tide was rising at that moment and the waves were almost touching me. At the end I was all wet because of it but it was fun in any case!!
- Rufo, the ex-stormtropper