long exposure shot in aberdour
Pier in culross
Red Lion
Street in Culross
The old monastery
Another shot of the pier
Cool car in the street
Pittencrieff Park
More squirrels
Under the old jetty
pier in colours
Lightouse in Ellie
Long expo in the zigzag pier in saint monans
Going for a ride in Fife /
discovering Scotland
First of all my confession, I wanted to go back to Saint Monans, because the first time there I didn't have my ND filter, no a long exposure photo of the zigzag pier was required! But this was our last stop, we had more places to see that day. We went first to Culross that is a little village, I wanted to go there because of my obsession with piers, and they have a nice one! So first stopped fixed! We parked the car next to the railway and quite close to the pier, so you have to cross the railway, there is a door next to the carpark, so just go through this and you will see the pier! I am scared of the heights and the pier was not very far from the sea, but still, it was scary for me, and plus, it was very VERY windy, so... but I kept going and reach the end of the pier! Nice views from there :). After that we went for a walk and took some more photos, saw some nice cars as well :P and it was time for a lunch!
We decided to take our lunch in Dunfermline in Pittencrieff Park, because we went there once, and it seemed quite cool and full of squirrels! They are so cute! So we just ate our meal in the park, feed some squirrels, and took a little walk through the paths. You have some ruins next to the park, but that day it was closed.
Next stop, well yes, another pier! sorry :P Aberdour this time, we parked the car in a Park next to the sea, and we wasn't sure where exactly was the pier, only that it was on the ocean and close, so we just went for a walk in the park, and finally I could reach the pier not far away from us, we walked a little more, and there it was! In front of a hotel/restaurant. We were there taking some photos for about half an hour or more! It’s not the fastest thing in the world to take these kind of photos, but the results are awesome!! So after that, it was not very late and we could go to Saint Monans again and I just took 3 long exposure photos of the pier and heading home again!!
Some tips:
-Buy some peanuts for the nice squirrels in Aberdour! We had just the regular ones with the shell, no salt, no toasted.
-Tripod for the long exposure photos!