Colourful Houses
Views from the dock
The Pinkest House in Portree
Sunset in Portree
Another view of the colorful houses
Another shot from the houses next to the dock
Views from the streets
Dramatic Sky in Skye
Portree, the colourful village /
discovering Scotland
Again we visited Portree almost ten years ago, we were sleeping there for one night and I cannot remember where! Just that it was Portree, I have another story about this town but I'll explain later :P This time we went for an Airbnb, that was really cool I highly recommend it! It was very easy to found and in the city centre so it could not have been better! I wanted to repeat my photos from 10 years ago because that first time... Well, you will not see those pictures, they were not very good! I just got the camera at that time and I was still learning :P I think the new photos are slightly better, I hope so :) We were very lucky as well and the sky was awesome that day, really impressive so I was pretty nervous trying to find the perfect spot to get the right photo! We went first to see the famous colourful houses :) and I was taking some shots there and then I saw it, the place was there but just on the other end of the town, I went there and it was difficult but at the end I found a wee trail that was heading there! It was really cool, and as I said the colours of the sky were great! Lucky me :)
Another thing that happened was that we always was remembering an amazing burger that we ate 10 years ago it was really really good, but just like as the hotel there was no chance to remember the name or even where it was. I thought that it was Portree so just before our trip there I was doing a research using street view, but It was impossible... Once there I told my husband (he is much better than me finding places) to try to remember the restaurant, and he was almost 100% sure about the street, so we were looking through the glass and, and! We found it! It was THE RESTAURANT, I was so happy! But it was full and we were 5 people so the waiter told us that it was impossible because we were too many, we were about to leave but we thought that maybe we could fit in a smaller desk? I went in again and I told the waiter the story about 10 years ago, she was very kind and nice and she found us a table!!! And that burger was absolutely incredible, the best burger that I ever had. PS.: We had our dinner there the following night, same burger for all of us! :)
Some tips:
- Book your hotels/Airbnb in advance, but I mean as soon as you can, we book our house at the beginning of the year and there were almost no other options! Skye is very popular!
- Best burger in Scotland: Highlander Burger in: The Caledonian Cafe
- We rent a house through Airbnb, very recommendable if you are a group: Portree House