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The Castle
Weeping Window
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Views from a bridge
Views from the top
The Tower
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Walking by the Kinnoull Hill and some poppies /
discovering Scotland
We've been to Perth many times, or in the city itself or just passing by, but this time we had two main things to see there. We are going to start with the poppies! I discover this because of a photo that I saw on the Internet, so I investigate some more to find out what was happening in Perth. This Poppies: Weeping Window, is a sculpture that you can visit now in the Black Watch Castle and Museum, regarding the centenary of the First World War (In the tips section you will find more information about it), and will run until 25th September 2016. So now is the time if you want to go there. If you only wanted to see the sculpture it's free, but donations are accepted as well. I really like the poppies it was a good opportunity to take some different photos of the Castle, try to go there first thing in the morning! because it is usually very busy :)
After that we went for a wee walk and to take some lunch, sorry this time no picnic, I was lazy that day in the morning, so... and after that... the tower, we've been seeing this tower since we came to Scotland so we were pretty excited about it! It was easy to find the car park, and then I had a map with the routes that you have in Kinnoull Hill (depending on your level of enthusiasm) I think that we choose one of the easiest paths, anyway it was maybe half an hour to reach the tower, well the views from there were amazing! Quite dangerous because you are in the edge of the cliff, just try not to fall and it will be all fine :) Take care as well in not to get lost, because as it seemed an easy path to follow, you also have lots of secondary ones that are not in the map! So if you are not confident in your abilities, just follow the main way.
Some tips:
-You can find some more information here: Poppies, Weeping Window
-Map for the Kinnoull here: Map for printing