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Staffa tour, part I: Oban /
discovering Scotland
This trip started because we wanted to go to Fingal's Cave, and after some research I found out that we needed to book a tour, and the departures were from Oban. As it is quite far from our home we decided to stay for the night, but, it was all booked for weeks! At the end we could find a hotel in Oban for early September! Once there, I must admit that the hotel was like you were entering to the 1950's, and not in a good way :) But anyway, it was just for the night so we could stand the bible and the old furniture (or the strange bulge on the wall). It was our second time in Oban, I remember very well that first time because it was also the first time that we tried the famous Fish and Chips, and it was horrendous! One of the worst meals ever... Now that we are more experienced with the Chipies we know where to go :) But that first time was... Awful, hehe. But the hotel that time was awesome, with beautiful views of the harbour. Let's go again to 2016, the good point of the hotel that we chose, was that it is close to the tour office, like 5 minutes walking, that's good. The most difficult part of this journey was to find a car park, as the car had to stay in Oban from 6am to 7pm (approximately), we weren’t so sure about where to leave it (I must say that we are very paranoid with these things). At the end, and after 1 hour thinking about it, we decided that it was right to park the car in one of the Pay and Display car parks, because you can just pay in advance for the day, so you will have to pay £9, it is perfectly safe and I can assure you that if you do it this way the police will behave.
It is really easy to find the tour office and then the ferry to Mull, no chances to get lost. We had our tickets, our food, camera and ready to go! The ferry was pretty gigantic, the bigger that we ever took with spaces for a million cars? But I assume that as it was from Oban, the feeling inside was again, like to be in the 1950s. We went quickly to the outside, that it was far better, we could enjoy a really nice sky that day as well, the mist was all over the mountains, so… good times. The journey was almost an hour, not bad, and we arrived at Mull. Here is, I have to be honest, the bad point in this journey, because Mull is awesome, and I wanted to stop and take some photos, but we were on a bus, and we weren’t alone so… I missed some amazing shots there :(
Anyway, the road trip from Craignure to Fionnphort was amazing, the scenery is kind of dramatic in Mull, and then the next ferry from Mull to Staffa… You will have to wait until next week!
Some tips:
- You have to take some lunch or at least something to eat :)
- Website for booking the trips: Staffa Tours