Maspie Den waterfall
Nice Building on the way
Another brigde
One more
Abandoned house
Same house
Maspie Den signal
Looking up
The Waterfall
Maspie Den waterfall
Great walk in Falkland: Maspie Den /
discovering Scotland
We wanted to keep it easy that day and after some research I found this nice and not too long walk around Falkland. We started parking the car at our usual spot on the free car park beside the Community Hall and we started walking. We needed to ask because it was not quite clear for us where to begin (you can find on the map the starting point, so job done), after finding it the rest of the path is easy to follow. On the first stage, there is like a pond or something, it was nice, with a wee artificial waterfall, cute.
Second stage was more feral, so walking through the woods, next to a river, crossing some bridges, nice walk. And then we found a curious house that seemed abandoned, I like abandoned buildings so I took some pictures and then I ran to the main path again. The main point at Maspie Den was a waterfall and it was interesting because you can actually walk beside it. At the beginning we found a spot with a waterfall, and we were thinking: This is it? It seemed different on the pictures... We were a bit confused, but we continued with the walking, and after a while we found the REAL one, hehe.
It is not a massive waterfall, I must say, but the path behind the waterfall was really interesting and full of green moss, I liked it. And when we finished the route and we went back to Falkland, we had to visit our favourite tea & cake coffee shop :) It is best when you end the trip with a delicious cake and some coffee, yummy!!
Some tips:
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- The walk: Maspie Den