long exposure shot in Loch Turret
bridge in Loch Turret
In the road
Nice bench
sheep running
building in the dam
views from the loch
amazing tree
close to the building
loch gates
empty dam
more views
Lost in the mists of Loch Turret /
discovering Scotland
This is not a very touristic location, but I wanted to go there because I thought that the place could be really interesting, and well I wasn’t wrong! But first, you have to know where are you going, because you don’t have any indication or any sign saying: Loch Turret next exit, no! This is way too easy :P but don’t worry, I’m going to add the google maps indications to go there. The road to go there is quite tricky sometimes, at least for us, because we weren’t sure if it was allowed to go through with the car or not, but at the end of the road you can find a car park, so we assume that we did nothing wrong then :P Just take care because there are some intersections, but some of the paths are private, so you only need to continue for the main road, and also take care with the sheep! There are a lot walking around, if you want to take some shots this is your chance, because they are nice and quiet. Oh! And you are going to find a gate closed, but don’t panic! Just open the gate and then close it again! Just a security thing, maybe for the sheep? Don’t know really.
So finally our main destination! Loch Turret, more concretely the dam! I really enjoyed the road trip with the car but I was at the same time worried because of the narrow and old road, but it was an interesting time and surrounded by nature, sheep and mist! Cool :) Once you arrive, you can park the car next to the dam, and then go for a walk. In my opinion the day was perfect, it was not raining, but the mist was awesome! I really wanted to take some long exposure shots of the little building in the middle of the water, and again we realised that the mosquitos were attacking us! But anyhow I needed that photos, so… we were there with the annoying little things flying around since the photos were taken! With the job done we could go and walk around the dam and the surroundings, beautiful place to go.
Some tips:
-Here the directions to get there, From Crieff To Loch Turret
-Tripod for the long exposure photos!
-Take some lunch, because no restaurants there!