Kilchurn Castle
Closer look
Detail of some birds
St Conan's Kirk inside
Views of the main entrance
Back door
Statue in the main entrance
A little Angel
Dramatic Loch Earn, as always
The man in the loch
Castle and Kirk on the shore of Loch Awe /
discovering Scotland
We tried to visit Kilchurn Castle on our first trip to Scotland back in 2008, but it was closed, and now that we are living here, we thought that it will be nice to finally, visit the castle. But, lucky us, it was closed again... anyway, I think that only for the views of the castle from the shore it is worth the visit! It is cool, and on the other hand, that day was awesome because the water was like a mirror and we could take some nice pictures of the castle and its reflection on the loch, cool. If you want to go there, you have two places on which you can park the car, one is where the photos were taken, and the other is used to enter and visit the castle. We didn´t go to the second spot, and I´ll tell you why, too many people and the castle was closed, so... Then, only 7 minutes or less from the castle you will find Saint Conan´s Kirk, that we also visited in 2008, and I wanted to go there again... it was nice remember our first time in Scotland! I have to say that the first time it was, in my opinion, more misterious because it was a really humid and misty day and I do love this kind of weather! But this time we could take a closer look of the kirk, and at the end it was as I remember, it is a really amazing little church full of nice spots and with nice views of the loch as well!
Back to home we park the car, again, in St Fillans, because during spring and summer the 4 seasons Hotel have a curious statue of a man standing next to their jetty, and I wanted to take some more photos... One of my favourites lochs, Loch Earn! A must see visit :)
Some tips:
-Contact first with Historic Scotland, in order to know if the Castle is open (You can contact them through facebook)
-During spring and summer, for sure that you are going to find campers in the shore of the lochs! So if you like that it could be a really nice idea!