Benches on the shore
Views from the jetty
Loch ARd
Views from the road
Nice houses on the shore
Nice bridge
Abandoned boat
A house
Some details
Yellow and alone
More flowers
Another loch to discover: Loch Ard /
discovering Scotland
I will start saying that we have to go back there again, because I wanted to take some concrete pictures that I couldn't take that day because it was too sunny! Yeah you hear me right, too sunny! blame Scotland, it was supposed to be raining that day, I was looking for a misty and eerie day, but...maybe another day we will be luckier, lol. It was nice in any case, because we could eat on the shore, and that is always nice! Some days, mostly during winter, we need to eat our lunch inside the car! That is okay, but, it is always best if we can go outside :)
Things to do here? Well there are some circular routes through the Park that you can follow, it is a very long one if you want to do it. We were walking for about an hour (the short path) and we have to go another day and finish the rest of it, because it seemed really nice. Also there are some wee boat houses? I am not quite sure what they are, they seemed to be like houses in the water to protect the boats, but in any case they are pretty interesting for some shots. We found a cross right in the middle of the water, I tried to catch it with my camera but it was too far away!
Some tips:
- You are pretty close to Aberfoyle and it is a nice village (I will talk about it in another post)
- Park the car where you can, there is no carpark, just one if you want to do the circular paths (see map below)
- Tripod to take some long exposure shots (that's why we need to go back if it is too sunny it is quite complicated to take a good shot)