The Castle
It´s snowing
More snow
Watching the snow
Inside the Castle
Nice guy
Close up
Going inside
From the Castle
Waiting for the boat
The boat is coming
The Castle
Going to the Castle
A little island full of pheasants /
discovering Scotland
This place is similar to Inchmahome Priory in Lake of Menteith, regarding the fact that you have to use a boat to go to the wee island, but the environment is very different! This one has some other interesting points! one of them is, of course, the pheasants! They are so nice, but you are not going to be able to touch them or to be close to them, because they are very easily frightened, so... you can observe them from a secure distance. I only seen there some males, no females, I'm sure that there are some but maybe they are hidden in the little forest. Anyway is nice to see them walking around the Castle, oh! I forgot to mention that there is a Castle in the island? Because there is one :) not only pheasants of course! Well, let me start from the beginning... Loch Leven... This is a nice option because you can combine one Castle with some sailing in a Loch so, for sure that you are going to enjoy with this visit! Once you are in the Island you are going to see the remains of a little Castle, you can explore it freely and take a walk around the isle, it's a very wee little island so maybe in less that half an hour you will be done! so now you have time to search for the pheasants :) do not scare them! :P just watch them!
Last time I've been there was this last April, and it was awesome that time because it was snowing! (There are some pics so I am not lying) I went there with my parents and we were not sure if the Castle was open, but we were lucky, because it was, and we were the only persons on the island that day, so it was different than other times. And maybe it was the time of the year but there were lots of swallows! Nice experience!
Some tips:
-As always Picnic Area! so enjoy your food there
-Property of Historic Scotland, you know what that means... membership or explorer :)