Railway bridge
Autumn path
Autumn colours
Nice bench covered
Same bridge different view
Some more details
Yellow and the river
Nice walk
Yellow tree
The bridge
Some more views
Panorama views
Autumn colour in Killiecrankie /
discovering Scotland
I need to confess that we went there more like a coincidence than a planned thing, because I was thinking on another kind of trip, but a friend of us was talking about Killiecrankie and so was saying that now it is the best time of the year to go there. Oh well he was not lying to us... we had the chance to see it for ourselves, and it was amazing. Let's start!
So, destination Killiecrankie, just further north of Pitlochry (another nice village). The village itself is just 3 or 4 houses and a hotel not more. We parked the car onto the NT visitor centre that you will easily find just at the beginning of Killiecrankie, it is not a free parking, unless you are a member of the National Trust of Scotland, you will need to pay £2, is not much but you need to have some coins! So, we parked the car, and we realised that we were starving! First lunch! And it was a good idea as we were walking for an hour and a half, so :) A funny thing that only happen in Scotland, is that it was a sunny day with no clouds at all, and it was raining! Whaat? Anyway, the rain was not heavy, so we could go on with no trouble. We went to the path next to the river, and quite soon we knew why the people were keen to visit this place during Autumn, the colours are amazing! wide range of them from bright yellow to orange, green, golden ones, just really really nice! The walk itself it is not difficult, easy peasy lemon squeezy :) At the end of it we couldn't cross the bridge because it was closed due to maintenance, we had to take an alternative route, but well it was nice too. Going back to the car, we decided to go to the upper bridge (the one for the cars to cross the river) and took some pictures from there, what was our surprise when we realised that we'd been already there! yeah, I remembered that I parked the car on the other end of the bridge just to take a picture of the river... well sometimes we are repeating places and we didn't know until is too late :) But I am not complaining at all, I like being in this amazing places even if it is not the first time, or if it is the second or third time also :P Scotland is great!
Some tips:
- Check out the page of: Killiecrankie
- Always, ALWAYS have some coins inside your car! at least £3 or £4