Green Gardens
More cells
Green and water
Water and green
More green cells
Just green
views from the bridge
Little girl
Weeping girls
Just terror
More terror
Cage with hole
More Cells
In the Wood
Rifle in the middle of the woods
Welcome to Jupiter Artland /
discovering Scotland
First thing that you need to know is that they are only open between May and September (view more details in TIPS), so now is the time to go there! These gardens are only 20 minutes from Edinburgh so it's a good option if you want to go out of the city just for a wee while. There are some paths to follow and after that they have some art exhibitions very interesting, but let's start from the begining :)
We started the visit going through the path that starts behind the ticket shop, you are about so see some artworks like a gigantic cage with a hole inside that represents the void sinking into the earth. Then we stopped when we saw the weeping girls... if you are a fan of Doctor Who you are going to be very scared at this point, can you see the weeping girls or weeping angels? too scary, but even though I was there taking some shots of the (I hope) only stone statues. Last part of the path heads you to the greeniest gardens you ever see. Called Cells of life, this is a representation of the living cells, in any case is an amazing place.
We finished the visit with an actual exhibition, the From here to ear 2.0, it was really cool I love it! it's a group of charm zebra finches and electric guitars. If you are lucky you can ear the concert that the cute and little birds will play for you. A shame that you are not allowed to take pictures (because you can scare the zebra finches) but they are the cutest birds in the world!
Some tips:
-Visit the website with opening times and more: Jupiter Artland website
-No Picnic Area! But they have a cafe and a restaurant inside: Jupiter Artland Cafe
-Take a look at this: Weeping Angels, are you scared now?