The Beach
The Abbey
The Green house
Sheep runing away
White beach
I'm falling
More beach
Some black rocks with white sand
More Beach
Bye, Bye
Staffa tour, part III: Iona /
discovering Scotland
After visiting Fingal's Cave, we took again the boat to go to Iona, well I have to say that after that visit we weren't expecting anything spectacular, for us it was like: Ok, now another isle, fine, we can wait here for a while... But as we had 3 hours to visit the place we decided to take a walk around. The other people that came with us, splitter in two: Half went to take their lunch at the restaurant (the only restaurant, as the isle is not very big) and the other half went to visit the Abbey, so our choice was... the beach of course! But first! food! We had our lunch with us so we sat on a bench looking into the ocean and enjoyed our delicious sandwiches (yeah I know... but... but...) After that we started walking, our destiny seemed not too far away from the pier, but we were wrong! Or maybe we were just tired and it seemed much longer, but... we were walking for a while!
It was a nice walk actually, unexpected! There are lots of sheep and we found some Highland cows laying peacefully on the green land (too far away to take some images, though). As usual in Scotland, the intense green was ridiculous, you can compare it with a radioactive field it feels unreal, I love it! You can think that I modified the photos, increasing the saturation, I did not, the photos as same as reality so :) After a while, we finally reach the beach, oh wow it was like we were at some exotic beach in Hawaii, it was not Scotland! It was one of the whitest beaches that I ever seen, pretty awesome! And we were practically alone, only another couple was there, so perfect! that´s one of the reasons that I really like this land, even during summer time you can be completely alone! Not everywhere of course, but if you want you can easily find an amazing place to go with no more human lives except yourself. So, moving on, we were there for a while, taking photos and just relaxing. And it was time to go back to the pier! At the end we could have been used more time in Iona just to investigate a little further the rest of the Isle. But in any case, it was a great time!
In conclusion, this is a really interesting plan to do if you are in Oban and you have 11 free hours! You have to do it, it is worth it, and it's not very expensive actually, so no excuses!!
Some tips:
- Be careful, as you have a limited time there! There is a map of the isle, so take a picture and go wild!
- Website for booking the trips: Staffa Tours