The Waterfall
Main entrance
Ossian´s Cave
Amazing gigantic trees
Nice spot
Ossian´s Hall
Black Linn waterfall
River Braan
Some holes on rocks
Black Linn Waterfall again
View of the viewpoint
Walking into the Woodlands /
discovering Scotland
The first time we went there, well we took the wrong direction, it was kind of funny because we stopped the car and ask a couple for indications, they didn’t know where The Hermitage was and, in addition, they were looking for the Hermitage as well. At the end it was easiest than we thought, just keep going and follow the road up to Pitlochry, we found the sign pretty fast! Uff, sometimes it’s just not that easy for our GPS to get to the right destination. Once you arrive, you can found there 2 parkings (2£ all day, so you need some coins!), a little food truck and some tables for your picnic. But the important thing here is about to begin.
Passing by the railway bridge you are going to be amazed by the majesty of the trees and the wilderness of the place, just great. Following the path by River Braan and hearing the water we are going to reach a stone bridge, that it was closed both times that we’d been there, if you go under it (it’s slightly dangerous) you will see the Black Linn Waterfall, but this is only a glance of it. So going back a little and onto the main path again, Ossian’s Hall is waiting for us, and as soon as you open the door I promise that you are not going to regret it, it’s spectacular! The waterfall is just there in front of you, with no obstacles in between, time to take some photos! But this is not the end of your walkthrough, you still can found some interesting places, like the Ossian´s cave or a totem! Anyway it´s a really nice area and for sure that we are going to repeat the visit.
Some tips:
-Some coins for the parking!
-Take a photo of the map that you can found in the parking