Museum of Transport
This is a skyscrapper
The Lighthouse
More skyscrappers :)
Same one another angle
Views from bottom
Princess Square stairs
Princess Square
Nice stairs
Interesting chairs
A Panda :)
Real one VS Rufo
A ship
Rufo and his icecream
Rufo's new sofa?
Another day out in Glasgow /
discovering Scotland
So, this time it was more like a shopping trip than a proper trip, and we prefer to go to Glasgow because I think you have more options there than in Edinburgh and we do have more comic and gothic shop in Glasgow :P Also, one thing that I really enjoy there is the architecture, the buildings are great and well you cannot compare them with the ones in London but, you have some interesting (kind of) skyscrapers, yes there are some! Don’t argue with me just look at the proofs above the text :P
Let’s talk about interesting buildings then… There is one that is pretty curious it is a shopping centre actually (and really expensive), Princess Square. From the outside, it’s interesting with all the metal details and the long and colourful stairs, but inside It shocked me the mechanical stairs and the disposition of them, just weird and wonderful!! Another one that I really like it’s The Lighthouse, this one is an art gallery but the building itself it is quite cool, you can also go to the very top of it and you will have from there really nice views of Glasgow, do not miss it!
After our lunch, as you can see on the photos, we found our friend Rufo!! I did not know that he was also visiting the city! So, we get the change to hang out for a bit, while we were visiting he found his father!! He was the happiest Stormtrooper in the world! I took a picture of the happy encounter and then he told us to go with him to the Riverside Museum, we already have been there, but we went again, we were walking there for a while and then he told us that he needed to go somewhere else (he is a busy boy) hopefully we will see him soon :)
Some tips:
- We parked this time the car in a shopping centre, well it is not cheap but it was easy for us
- I am not gonna say umbrellas again, but a raincoat will be a great idea, lol