Sky scrapping in Glasgow
Hanging heads
Glasgow Museum
Corner house in Glasgow
Stairs with light colours
Glasgow Central Station
Glasgow Tunnel
Building in Glasgow
Sky scrapping
Glasgow Hydro
Red house
Sky scrapping
Walking in a rainy Glasgow /
discovering Scotland
We are not very keen on visiting cities, but a friend invited us to a concert so we cannot refuse this opportunity! And besides I think that Glasgow deserve at least one visit :P, so we to went there all day, and we finally realized that for the next visit it could be a good idea check the weather before! Because it was raining all day long, and very chilly as well, so not very nice.
Anyway, because of the weather we went to Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum and take shelter from the cold and the rain, at least for a while. And in the mail gallery we found these funny hanging heads! So I was there taking pictures of them for almost half an hour! So, an hour later we went out, because we needed something to eat. We found a restaurant very close to the museum, and really nice! You can read my review on tripadvisor: CrabShakk Restaurant Review
After that we went for a walk, heading to the city center. You could found a lot of skyscrapers, nearby to the center, so it could be a great idea for some photos. In my case, I love this kind of photo, so take your time and look to the sky! At 18.00 we were soaked, and the weather was as bad as the beginning of the day, so we decided to go to a cafeteria and take a break of the rain. After that it was time to go to the concert! So we went to the Hydro and ready for Simple Minds! Great night and amazing concert! :)
Some tips:
-Check the weather!!
-Umbrella, umbrella, umbrella