San Juan de Gaztelugatxe
Views from the bottom of the stairs
Views from the shore
An isle next to it
Basque Country Coast
Views from the top
The Stairs from the Hermitage
Rocky coast
The other part of the coast
Views of the two isles
Another taken from the shore
Again the same but with some birds
What's in there?
The wee Hermitage
Nice picture during the sunset
Scotland in Spain: San Juan de Gaztelugatxe /
discovering Scotland
Special post this week, I know that it is not Scotland but I think it deserves a mention because it is an amazing place! And it fit perfectly with the Scottish landscape, so why not? Also watching Game of Thrones some weeks ago and I saw the stairs I loved it! I know that there are a lot of CGI on the scene but at the end you can recognize a bit of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe in Dragonstone, so there we go!! We've been there twice, first time it was back at 2008 maybe? I saw the pictures on the Internet and I was amazed. Imagine a wee hermitage on top of an isle accessed by a narrow and solid stone bridge and after that just only 241 steps to reach the top, all of that surrounded by the rough and rocky basque country coast, it is like the place was another magical world, just fantastic, so we had to go there! we found a viewpoint with a restaurant and a car park very close to it and there were some stairs that they came up to the bottom of the isle, we did not have much time to spend there so we asked about timings and it was too much for us, because even though we had that shorter path just to climb the 241 steps up and down again it was more that 1 hour, so we went as close as we could, but we had to come back!
So we did in 2011, this time the viewpoint was not available anymore, and from now on you have to park the car on the road (I marked the exact point on the map, don't worry) and then go down the road to the isle... WOW it is more than 4 Km one way... and after that the steps... Going down was relatively easy but when we head back to the hotel I needed to rest more than once because the road is very straight up and it is 4 Km, so it is exhausting :) In any case, it was worth it, the views from the top are astounding, but the views from the bottom are amazing as well, I always recommend this place to my friends because it is one of my favourite places in Spain.
As a curiosity, we witnessed a wedding that day! We were watching how the bride (with no less than 15 cm heels) was trying to climb up the stairs... at the end she couldn't do it and the groom (who was a Spanish basket player) lifted her up, bridal style, so they could reach their destination :)
Some tips:
- Don't surrender you can do it!!
- Water and something to eat, as there are nothing else than the hermitage there!
- I think the place is becoming a popular place, because of Game of Thrones, so if you can try not to go there during peak season.
- Check the S07E01 of Game of Thrones to compare what they did to the place :)