Fountain in the centre
Falkland Palace
Falkland Palace
Strange things in windows
Another strange window
Vertical view
Just a blue door
Nice Autumm
Nice building
Visiting Inver.. sorry I mean Falkland! /
discovering Scotland
We've been there twice, and I have to say that it is a really cute and nice village, and as a unconditional fan of Outlander, both the TV series (from STARZ) and the books (written by Diana Gabaldon), it is always amazing to be in a place that you could recognise from the TV. You can say: Oh! That place there it was where Claire was watching the vases! and oh, look just there it was... so it is kinda cool, at least for me :) And It is a beautiful village very photogenic as well, and with some cute places to go and take some cakes as well (we'll talk about it later). So you can realise that I wanted to go there because of this :) It's easy to park the car quite close to the centre, and in the same car park you will find some public toilets, so that is a useful information, I think. From the car park, it's just 1 minute to the centre, and you will see there the square with the fountain and on the right side the Palace, nice views! We didn't enter to the Palace because it was closed on our first time there and the second time it was raining a lot, so we went home that day, is still on our agenda.
Now the sweetest part, Falkland is a good option if you want to have some coffee and cakes (or tea) we visited two places there, really nice ones! maybe one is slightly better than the other one, but both are quite good! First one is just in front of the fountain and it's Campbells Coffee House and Eatery. We had there some Victoria Cake and Carrot Cake, and I though that they were really nice, in my top three! And on our second visit we went to Miss Daisy Gifts & Tea Room, that is close to the centre as well, we had there some Carrot Cake (always) and Coffee Cake, that was good :) the place is very cute like a vintage tettery or something similar, I had there one of the best cakes in Scotland. But both places are quite good, you can have one piece of cake in each one :P
Some tips:
- You can read my reviews here: Miss Daisy Gifts and Campbells Coffee House
- You have to watch Outlander
- And read the books! Outlander Saga