The last pool
Lonely dog in a magical place
Lovely waterfall
Some more waterfalls
Big waterfall, closer look
Multiple waterfalls
Another big waterfall
From the river, almost
Looking back
Wow, more waterfalls
Another one in vertical
Big waterfall vertical version
The magical Fairy Pools /
discovering Scotland
We missed it first time in Skye, we were young and inexperienced! But we didn't miss it this year :P So Fairy Pools there we go! We went there as soon as we could because it was mid-August and we were trying to avoid as much people as we could. There is a tiny little car park, not enough for the amount of people that visit the Pools every year, but we found an empty space (just because it was early, remember!). There were many people already but it was not as bad as I thought, hehe. We were walking for about two hours maybe? To do just the Fairy Pools walk, you can continue more if you want but that is another route.
You arrive to the first waterfall in about half an hour after crossing 2 wee rivers, that was both fun and scary, I can tell that it can be difficult but you can do it. That first waterfall marks the beginning of the actual Fairy Pools, magical! There were some people that were actually taking a bath there! but they were using a wet-suit, even in August! We were not that brave, so we just walked around, enjoy with the surroundings, trying to take pictures without people in them (hard job)... It was really lovely, maybe the day was not the best one, but well you cannot plan how is the weather gonna be, and even less in Scotland!!
The way back was strenuous and we were seeing lots and lots of people coming from far, when we reach the road, the last part of the path was terrible, we saw that there were lots of cars parked on the sides of the road... Lots... maybe not a hundred, but almost, and even more people arriving trying to park the car... So if you want to go there, wake up early!
Some tips:
- More info about routes: Fairy Pools and Coire na Creiche
- Wear the proper clothes! And some water can be useful as well.
- Go as early as you can!!