The Chair
The wee lighthouse
The lighthouse from the back part
Green grass and the lighthouse
Rocks and the lighthouse
A closer look of the lighthouse
Lady's tower
Views from the inside
Front of the tower
Closer look of the chair
Views of the sea
Another view of the tower from the distance
Even more far away from the tower
The chair from de coast
Visiting Elie, another stop on the Fife Coastal Path /
discovering Scotland
We do like this path, the Fife Coastal Path, but I must say that we are doing it with car and just walking some parts of it, sorry but it is too much for us! The complete path is only 117 miles, so it is not something that you can do in a day :) In any case, it is a nice choice to walk some parts of the path, like the one from Saint Monans to Elie. We actually did this one but in an easy way so we walk from the windmill in Saint Monans to Newark Castle, and then just went back to the car and then just drive to Elie :) I know, I know, it is the lazy way, but... we do walk for hours some times! Just for this time we preferred to go with our lovely car :)
I'll add the concrete location of the car park because it is a bit tricky to find it the first time, but no worries because I know where to go now, after a few failed attempts :P Once there the car park is free and you also have toilets and some tables that is always great. It is not a very long walk maybe half an hour, but the views are great! We usually go first to the lighthouse, that it is very cute, a wee white lighthouse with a even smaller tower (?) attached to it. It is not very mysterious but it is nice to see anyways. Then you walk straight away to Lady's Tower, that it's a roofless circular tower in ruins. Looking for some history background I found out that the tower was build in the 1760s as a bathing house for Lady Janet Anstruther who used it for changing before going to the sea. She rung a bell to warn the local people to keep away from there while she was bathing and so protect her modesty as well. It sounds very strange nowadays but I am assuming that these kind of things were normal at those times :)
Plus one! We also went, just because I wanted to take some pictures of it, to another part of Elie to see that weird Bird Cage that is sitting in the middle of the sea, I had no idea what that was but I was doing some more research and I found that it's called a chair and it was constructed as a shelter for shipwrecked marines a long time ago, quite interesting as well :)
Some tips:
- More info about that chair: The Chair in Elie
- Complete Fife Coastal Path website: Fife Coastal Path