Eilean Donan Castle
The inside
A rock inside a tower
Still not there
Eilean Donan Castle from the bottom of the river
Main tower
Eilean Donan Castle from the bridge
Dangerous steps
Main door
Main door as well
My favourite castle: Eilean Donan Castle /
discovering Scotland
I remember our first visit back in September 2008 and I remember as well how amazed we were while approaching the castle. It is really one of the most beautiful castles in Scotland, just a personal opinion :) But we have visited a few castles by now, and still this is my favourite. I must say that comparing the pictures from 2008 with the castle nowadays they are a bit different, I couldn't remember at the time there (well it's been almost 10 years so...) but yeah Eilean Donan Castle it's not exactly the same,! Also we visited the castle this August so you can imagine the amount of people who were visiting it... thousands!! I am exaggerating but there were lots of visitors, just say that the car park was full so we had to wait for a while to park it, first time there was mid-September so there was almost no-one which is nice because you feel like you are alone there and this is always cool (at least to me).
You can visit the interior of the castle as well, I'm not very into this sort of thing but in this case there are some interesting rooms, like the portcullis or some old images of the reconstruction of the castle. In any case for me the exterior is more enjoyable and the views as well are not bad at all :) We were not lucky in regards the tides, because even though the castle is lovely, with high tide is even better! But, sadly, it was not the case! But at least I could walk though the bottom part of the bridge and take some pictures from there.
The vision of that wee bridge crossing the river and then the majestic castle on the other end, it is just like a scene of a fantastic and unreal film, that is why this is my favourite castle!
Some tips:
- Not included in Historic Scotland, but you have to visit!
- If you can manage, try to go there with high tide, I couldn't and it was a shame :(