Dunnottar Castle
Main entrance in BW
Shadows of the castle
Another one of the mmajestic castle
Inside the property
Nice day
Same rainbow in the field this time
Big pond inside
Inside the property
More from the inside
Just amazing
Views of the cliffs
Dunnottar Castle, Dramatic Castle /
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I've been there I don't know how many times, maybe 4 or even 5 times, because every time that we have some visitors... Guess what? Dunnottar is always a fixed point in the itinerary, and all of them love it, so... for sure that we are visiting the Castle more times. Well let's go! You can find this Castle near Stonehaven, that is a really nice and cute little village next to the coast (It's worth it to go there for a walk after visiting the Castle). Is very easy to find the indications to reach Dunnottar, just at first follow Stonehaven signs and once you arrive there you'll see the Dunnottar Castle signs, easy peasy! There are some parking places so don't worry about that either (unless it's summer time, because there are lots of people visiting the property). From the car park you could think that there is no castle here, but is it there, you still have to walk a little, and then... the castle appears dramatically just in front of you, just amazing. Wee warning! lots of stairs so you have to be prepared for them, I don't know exactly how many steps are there, but more than 100 :)
You have 3 options here, the most obvious is go to the main door of the castle, but you also have a little path on your right side in which you are going to be able to see a little waterfall and the castle as well from the edge of the cliff. Or you can go also to the beach, is not very big but it's nice and you will see another perspective of Dunnottar. But well, the main reason is the castle, isn't it? so at some point you are going to the main door, that's where we are going now. This castle is not included in the Historic Scotland pass, but is not expensive, I am glad to pay £7 each time there :) Once you are inside, the castle is mostly in ruins, but this is the ones that I like the most, because you can explore the place and go wherever you want (do not climb the walls!), you also will have some pretty nice views of the dramatic cliffs and the sea shore (Did I say that this place is very dramatic? because it is very dramatic). In conclusion, one of my favourites castles in Scotland!
Some tips:
- Take a look at their brand new webpage: Dunnottar Castle
-You can't enter to the Castle with a DRONE, it is forbidden!
-No picnic area there, but you have toilets inside the property.