Long exposure
Tay Bridge
Another perspective
Closer look
The Discovery
Daffodils in a park
Nice day
From the other side
Views from the Law
The city from the other shore of River Tay
Riverside park
Just the Law
More mist
Victoria Park to the cemetery
Dundee by night
More mist, sure
Dundee, one of the sunniest cities in Scotland /
discovering Scotland
Well Dundee, what we can say about Dundee... I think I know this city quite well, I live here so, I know one or two things about it :) Most of the people maybe think that this is a gateway to other interesting places in Scotland, yeah ok this is true, I can say that from here you can go wherever you want and it's not too far away (except for the Highlands) so that's a very good point for me because it helps me in my trips! BUT! BUT! you can discover some interesting and beautiful places in here! And some nice restaurants as well. Let's begin with the most iconic landmark, the Dundee Law. A War Memorial standing in the highest point of an old and extinct volcano. Once you reach the peak either walking or by car (little car park with 6 spaces on the top) you are going to enjoy with the magnificent views of Dundee, and in a very clear day you can even see Edinburgh in the distance.
More things to do here, you can go for a walk to any of the parks that we have here, like Camperdown Park, Victoria Park and Balgay Cemetery (With Mills Observatory in the middle) or the Riverside Park, there are quite nice. My favourite maybe is Victoria Park, because it is very big, and I really like the Observatory Building and also the wilderness of this park. You can also visit the RSS Discovery, that it was the first successful journey to the Antarctic, now it is resting in its city and it's one of the other main attractions in Dundee. What else? hmm I really like the two bridges that are crossing the River Tay, we have the Tay Bridge and the Railway Bridge, the second one is my favourite because I think it's more photogenic :) You can admire the bridges from the Riverside path, it is a nice walk as well.
And maybe some mentions about restaurants? You have many options in Dundee, for me my first choice it's Kobee, a Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant with the best Angus Steaks of the Area!! Just Awesome! And there is another restaurant that I think it's really tasty as well, it's the Manchurian Restaurant, it's a Cantonese Traditional Restaurant, awesome! There are more that are quite nice, but for me these two are the best :)
Some tips:
- Check out my reviews from my 2 TOP restaurants: Manchurian Review and Kobee Review
- Discover new places, like the old Cemetery in the city center: The Howff