I'm in a castle
Spiral tree in Drummond
Rufo with a dog statue
Front view
Views from the garden to the castle
Front stairs of the castle
Like a Venus in a shell
I am not posing
With one of the nude statues
Drummond Gardens in the rain
Swimming in green
Garden views
A decorated door
A solar clock
Kind of a fountain
Enjoying the sun after the rain
An enigmatic elf
Views from the bridge
The amazing adventures of Rufo in: Drummond Castle & Gardens /
discovering Scotland
Hi there my dearest followers, me again and visiting some places that actually costs me money! But that is not a problem anymore, I must say that my bodyguard company is very successful! I was busy all month, I am actually thinking in hiring some more staff to help me, as I have so much work to do! I am definitely buying an AT-AT or a Tie Fighter? I am still unsure, maybe the Tie Fighter is more practical but the AT-AT is very cool... Maybe I'll go for both :) Anyway, even though it was raining a lot, I decided to go for a visit to this castle, I am not scared of water! It is just water and I am a stormtropper, not a problem for me. People in this planet tend to avoid the rain, they also have some strange objects that they use to stop the rain, I think they called that umbrella or something like that... they are so weird, so many things to know.
In any case the visit was interesting, they didn't let me go inside the castle, but I could see the gardens, that is basically trees and flowers, and some white statues of naked people! I think they were so poor that they could not afford to buy a proper armour, but they did wear a helmet, and a leaf where they manly parts are...I was very confused about that as well... they seemed like warriors, but... I definitely will wear more than that if I was going to war! Again, this humans are insane.
End of report, I'll be back soon!
- Rufo, the ex-stormtropper