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discovering Scotland
It was our second time here, because on our first try... I must confess that we were scared and we didn't reach our final destination :( BUT now we did it! so we can share our experiences! First things first! This is one of the hidden gems of Scotland, it is called the Devil's Pulpit and the name refers to a circular rock, looking east, and also in that area you can find some steps on where the river is falling down, knowed as the Devil´s Steps, so all of it is very dark and misterious! Cool. The place itself is 70 feet deep canyon made of red sandstone, but before you could see anything, you will have to go down to the very bottom of the canyon. The way in is quite tricky because you have to cross some fences and jump over some fall trees, then there is a path that you have to follow until you will see the entrance... well entrance, there are some steps if we can call it steps, because they're in a very bad bad condition, very old and no maintenance at all (that´s why we were scared the first time). Lucky us some of the prior visitors left a rope so it was easy to go down. Once you arrive, the contrasts and the colours are amazing, the water seemed like blood, because of that intense red colour and the cliffs had that vivid green, so I had no choice but to go into the river and take some pictures from there! The best angle is not always the more confortable, so, you have to be risky sometimes (but take care as well!), the water was freezing btw.
I was astounded as well because the place was crowded that weekend! I mean, lots of people coming, we had some problems parking the car, because you can find a spot next to the road, but it was full of cars. I thought that this was a hidden place, but it is not anymore. I was expecting some loneliness, oh I was wrong! But anyway the place is quite big so I could take some shots with nobody there. Maybe the better time to go there is summer, and just try to avoid this trip if it is raining too much, because that path is a nightmare, even in a dry day the ground is muddy.
Some tips:
-It is a good idea to have some ropes and hiking boots
-Also a good idea to bring a change of clothes/shoes, in my case this was imprescindible, because I entered to the river with my shoes on so :)
-Be very carefull if you are going into the river, so at some parts it could be deeper and it is difficult to see it until it´s too late, so take care!
-Just precaution! and enjoy with this magical place :)