The Duch Village
Lovely garden
One of the artificial lakes
The Duch Village again
Some more gardens
The park
The wee train
Views of inside
Craigtoun County Park, an interesting discovery in Fife /
discovering Scotland
We discovered this park by accident, because I was trying to find something to do near St Andrews, that weekend we were tired so we wanted to go to a nearby place. I am not gonna tell you how is my routine to select the places, this is my secret :) but I found this place and I found it quite interesting. The part that I like the most it was the Dutch Village, it is really curious actually! It's not a real village, its a construction located by one of the lakes inside the park. Let's begin then! This park is in Fife, close to St Andrews, and as many parks here in Scotland, the path is awesome while you are entering, with gigantic trees, basically all is green and nice :) As soon as we arrived there I literally ran to take my pics of this little village, just because I saw on the distance a group and I didn´t want them in my photos :P Lucky us the lake was quiet as dead so the reflection of the village was awesome! And I did have some time to do my job and just after the people began to arrive there, perfect timing for me :)
I was sad that you cannot enter to visit the village, the access was closed due to restoration works. It seemed like abandoned, but I kinda like abandoned places so I really wanted to enter and investigate a little further, another time maybe :) Apart from the nice, beautiful Duch Village, the park is massive! It has 2 artificial lakes inside, and a miniature train! So you can explore it with the wee train, or you can also take a boat (pedal boat) and explore the lake. Many options there and it is really nice as well to go walking around.
Some tips:
- Picnic area!
- After the park you can go to St Andrews to have some icecream :)