Corrie Fee
Glen Clova views
Glen Clova views
Corrie Fee
The valley
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The path
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The mountains
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From the top
Rocks on the top
Some more rocks
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Corrie Fee, exhausting but amazing /
discovering Scotland
It is close to the Glen Clova hill-walking that we did twice, but we didn't realise that this place was too close! This is happening to us, always! So sometimes we have to repeat the trips to discover something that we missed the first time. The road is the same as if you are going to Glen Clova, but instead of park the car in front of the Hotel you have to go straight 3 more miles, and you'll find there the other car park, with a Visitors Centre (which is good) and some picnic area and toilets (which is better). You have 5 options there to go, depending on the difficulty of the path you can choose the easy one or the heavier one. In our case, I didn't mind about that (even knowing that we are not experts) because my destination was very clear: Corrie Fee.
This one is a moderate walk (yeah sure...) so the first hour was similar to other walks there, pretty much the same, nice, but nothing special, but then... behold! Corrie Fee was there! We were both like: What? Because it was unbelievable and breath-taking... I can add endless adjectives here and It still will be less that the real view. We were there for 5-10 minutes just enjoying the views of the valley, but this was not the end of the visit! We still had some more walking to do. We kept going up to Corrie Fee, we walked for another 40 minutes reaching the top part of the mountain and took a rest there, we were exhausted! And starving :) We decided to go back to the car, we found out later that you can continue and there is another path that go back to the visitor centre, but I think that even knowing that we were too tired to continue!
So, time to go home again, from the top we saw a legion of people standing at the beginning of the valley, and we were wondering: Well a tour or something... But they were there like static for 40 minutes, so we were confused. When we were closer we realised that it was a weeding! WOW! For sure that the photos will be amazing! All of them wearing trekking shoes! Cool! As we were leaving the valley I was thinking in that we have to go back in winter to see it covered in snow, it has to be awesome! From now on, one of my favourite places in Scotland.
Some tips:
- Website of walkhighlands, very useful! Corrie Fee
- Website of Scotland´s National Nature Reserves, very interesting Corrie Fee
- Be prepared this is gonna be hard!
- Water!! We didn´t have any and we really needed some :(