The entrance of the Burn O'Vat
Views from the middle of it
Panoramic view of the pothole
Rocks, full of them
More rocks and the wee waterfall
Views from the path
Wee bridge crossing the creek
Views from the entrance
Reaching the waterfall
Views, heading the car
Rufo! Staring at the Burn, very concentrate
Just standing below the waterfall, crazy wee thing
A mystery, we don't know what that is
Same as before, what is it?
Discovering Burn O'Vat /
discovering Scotland
We have been driving in this area before but we did not realised that this place existed at all, that is always always happening to us, I mentioned it before, I know that happens but still... we stumble over the same stone again and again... lol... Anyway, we found it and it seemed not a really hard walk to do (we are not in our best form at the moment!) and the reward was quite cool. The place: Burn O'Vat, so well usual questions: Is there a car park? Aye, Toilets? Aye, Is it free? Aye Aye! We went there on Sunday and lucky us we could park (not the ones after us) it was full of people, not sure if it was because of the day of if because it is usually crowded, but well... There are some leaflets with information about the paths that you can follow there, there are lots, but we are going to go only to the Burn O'Vat one.
When I meant that it was easy it is because it was dead easy, like 10 minutes walk? if no less, once you reach it, you have to walk over some stones, take it easy and keep going it is not difficult either just need to take care and that's it you are there, this place is like a pothole with a wee waterfall, very different and unexpected place I must say, it was pretty cool! And... I found there my friend Rufo again!! He said that he was doing great and he visited his first castle some weeks ago! I told him that if he liked it he has lots of castles to visit in Scotland, he was happy :) and leaving already, heading to Ballater, he was hungry and wanted to eat something, I recommend him some places :)
After our encounter with Rufo, we took the path to do the circular route and, we found something very strange... it was like a locked metal door on the floor, a basement? there was also some air vent units, all very weird, you can see the pictures that I took... we didn't ask just in case, LOL.
Some tips:
- If the parking lot is full, you still can park next to it, maybe there are like 5 more spaces.
- Picnic area!! If not, you have Ballater really close.