The Bunnet Stane
Nice wee sheep and family
Wee loch
Views from the Bunnet
The Bunnet Stane from afar
Closer view of it
Another one
The Bunnet from the distance
The Maidens Cave
Above the cave
Looking for the Bunnet Stane /
discovering Scotland
This one is an easy walk if you only want to go and see the Bunnet Stane, obviously you have lots of paths to follow that are not easy at all! Actually our first idea was to go the the rock and then up the hill to see some lochs and a waterfall, but it started raining (heavy rain) and we couldn't make it... We will come back another day, that is for sure :) Let's talk about the Bunnet today. The car park is really easy to find as well, and with an obvious name: Bunnet Stane Parking, no chance to miss it! There is space for 5 cars maybe, if not less, but well it is not very crowded. As soon as you park the car you go straight, up to the mountains, as I said it was dead easy to find... The path is crossing some lands full of sheep, and we went there 2 weeks ago so lamb time!! We were a bit scared as the wee lambs were running away from us, but the big ones were staring at us, like they want to kill us or something... so... we passed it as quiet and tranquil as we could, and no one was bitten :)
Once there, you can see the rock formation, it is weird because there is nothing else nearby, it is just that rock there and grass all around! It was cool, I climbed there looking for the best spot to take some pictures, a shame that it was not the sunset (quite difficult at this time of the year, in any case, because this can happen at 10pm maybe?) but well, I think the final result was not bad at all :)
There is a cave as well, doing some research I found out that it is called the Maiden's Bower and there is a story about a young maiden who fell in love with the son of a rival family (this sounds familiar) and they met in the cave, it ended tragically with the lad killed by her father's men, real or not? Who knows :)
Some tips:
- Take care with the sheep, do not scare them :)
- Raincoat, just in case, more during summer, the weather is crazy!