Blue building
Red Tree
Spider Web
Red and blue
Blue and red
White bird
In the darkness
Lighs on the lake
First lights
House inside
Red House
Green House
Visiting the Botanic Garden by night /
discovering Scotland
We knew about this event because of a recommendation (that I will talk later), I think that is a similar idea than the Enchanted Forest in Pitlochry (I think, because I've never been there, maybe next year so we can compare both experiences). The event started at 19.15 but we arrived to Edinburgh in the morning, because I had 2 plans for that day. First one: Lunch! I wanted to try the, theoretically, best Thai in the city. It turned out that it was true! For me it was awesome and extremely spicy as well, but it was really good. The restaurant is not in the city centre but is quite close to the Royal Botanic Garden, so for us it was OK :) By the way, you can park the car on that area for free during the weekend! so It could be a good idea to leave the car there, for sure that most of you know how hard (and expensive) is to park the car in the centre...
My second plan was... meeting another Spanish blogger that is living there. She was the one with the recommendation :) I wanted to meet her for some time, so this was a good chance to do it. We went to a wee place to have some coffee and cake (the cake was weirdly awesome, made of parsnip! Swedish recipe). It was really nice to know her, for sure that we will be planning something in the future :)
Here it comes the main plan of the day: Botanic Lights! We were a little scared at the beginning because as soon as we reach the Royal Botanic Garden, we saw dozens or even more than a hundred people there, in a queue on the street... We had still 20 minutes until the beginning of our pre-booked tickets, I was thinking: don't panic, for sure that we could make it! And we did, this part was kinda crazy because one of the staff members was there like asking for the people for the 19:00 show, so if you were at the end of the queue you could go to the beginning... crazy... But well at the end we could enter at our time! Once inside, the event was quite interesting, and the garden is massive! I think we did the tour in 1 hour and a half? I mean I was taking photos of course, this is a delay for sure :P I must say that it's quite complicated to take photos there, because it was close dark but the lights on the trees were very strong so you have to take care when you are shooting! In addition, I didn't have the tripod with me! As you can see, the photos this time are abstract and weird, but I like them!
Some tips:
- Check the blog of my Spanish fella: Mad About Travel It is great! You must visit it :) She is visiting Scotland for about 10 years!
- You can park the car in the very same street where the Botanic Garden is
- It's late so it means that you will be cold :)
- Restaurant reviews: Nok's Kitchen and Peter's Yard