The castle from the pier
Detail of a tower
Just in the entrance
Main entrance
Views the inside
More details
JInside the Palace
Ground floor
From the highest tower
Going up
Corridor inside the Palace
The darkest castle in Scotland and some more /
discovering Scotland
You have these two places very close to each other so, you can choose which one you want to visit first: Blackness Castle or Linlithgow Palace. In our case we always go first to Blackness Castle, let's begin! In my opinion this is a good choice if you are visiting the capital, because this castle it's only half an hour from Edinburgh, and it's really nice. From the outside could seem a little castle, but it's not because you have so many places to go and explore. Just one thing, most of the times it's freezing there so take a scarf and gloves just in case. If you want you can take your lunch in one of the tables in front of the castle, or go to the next destination :)
Linlithgow Palace is only 10 minutes from Blackness, it's not an option not to go! it's too close :P I must confess that the first time there, in 2012, we thought that it was not worth it to pay the ticket for visiting the palace (we didn't buy the explorer pass!! we didn't know at the time), but we were wrong, you can be exploring it for an hour or more, lots of stairs as well. You can get lost because it is massive, and you can go up to the taller tower, wow it was too much for me and my problem with the heights! But nice views from there if you are not scared!
Some tips:
-Both, the Castle and the Palace, are properties of Historic Scotland.
-Related to the warm clothes, we are travelling with our car so it's a really good idea to have in the car a little bag with some more clothes as a replacement (rain) or if it's too cold.
-As always, picnic areas on both places!