Me on the wall
Main Entrance
Views from the inside
That is the main entrance, actually
Views of the tower
From afar
Views from another point
That's me, happy
The infinite
Climbing the arc
My failure, lol
Messing around
The amazing adventures of Rufo in: Balvaird Castle /
discovering Scotland
Hiya my dearest followers! Yeah learning some new words I am! After my first castle I wanted to repeat the experience and I found this one on my way and, lucky me it was free to enter, or at least there was no one there. In any case, the money will not be a problem anymore because I am a freelance bodyguard now, so I will be rich very soon! Because people will realise that I am super strong so... I just need to create a good advertise and be ready to receive my money, easy peasy! Maybe I'll buy an AT-AT just to have a transport for the snow or a Tie Fighter, not sure if they deliver to the Earth, we'll see.
Let's go to the important point today, the free entry Castle! It was really fun, you know that I love to climb so there I was going up and down the walls, but I am too brave sometimes and even me can fail, so I fell down the wall once! I'm okay do not worry about me just a few bruises but nothing that could have stopped me! It was a lovely day so I lay for a while enjoying the sun. And of course I was messing around as you can see on the pictures, I think you are starting to know a little more about me!
Oh! I discovered what was that strange and silly bird from my last report, they are called pheasants, it turned out that they are known because of their silliness and some of them have suicidal tendencies as well, so... strange animals...
End of report, I'll be back soon!
- Rufo, the ex-stormtropper