Views from the gardens
High Tower with a clock
Same tower other views
Castle and wee garden
Details from the bottom of the tower
One if the benches, they're nice!
The Flower Tunnel
From the Castle grounds
From a wee garden in a lateral of the castle
More flowers, this one from the big garden
The Glass House
Green land
Another view
Visiting Balmoral Castle /
discovering Scotland
We were visiting some places in Deeside, and this one was our last stop that day, nothing better to finish the trip than visiting a Castle so... there we go! This is the Scottish holiday home of the Royal Family, that means that you can't actually visit the interior of the Castle because they use it as a residence, a shame because it is a really big castle! but you can visit the Ballroom and the Castle Grounds that are massive! But well, let's focus, first the Castle itself is majestic, really beautiful architecture and it is quite big as well, it remind me a bit of Glamis Castle maybe. After do a circular walk around the castle we went to the grounds looking for the gardens, we were walking for a long time! We found some lads all dressed up in white playing cricket? At the beginning we thought that it was a cult, so we were a bit scared, but it turned out that they were not (or maybe it was kind of a Cricket secret cult?), in any case they kept playing ignoring us, nothing to worry about at the end LOL
After 15 minutes we found the gardens, wow, that was nice, I can't imagine how many gardeners are working there! I liked the most the Glass House full of flowers :) And full of bees as well, I like bees and bumblebees they seem so fluffy! There is a wee fountain as well, ideal for taking some shots with the castle as the background. Then I liked as well a flower tunnel with yellow wisteria (I think) really cool! We went back to the bus to go home because we were exhausted at that time, we visited while waiting for the bus the stables but instead of find some horses there or just nothing, there were cars inside! It was a short visit but worth it!
Some tips:
- This castle it is not inside the Historic Scotland network, so you have to pay :)
- We took the bus, because we were already tired that day, but you can go walking if you want