Loch Morlich Stones Row
Reflections in Loch Morlich
Aviemore - Views from ski station
Duck in Loch Morlich
Snow in the trees
Plants snowed
Car in the snow
Ducks in the snow
Loch in Aviemore
Row of Stones in Loch Morlich
Row of Stones in Loch Morlich
Snow table in Loch Morlich
White Reindeer
Birds in the snow
Brown Reindeer
It's Snowing in Aviemore! /
discovering Scotland
Our goal for this trip was, seeing some reindeers or deer because some colleagues said that sometimes you can see them crossing the roads in winter times. So, we decided to go to Aviemore first, and then take the road to the Ski Centre in Glenmore. It was very cold, I remember that the thermometer read -1 so it was a little chilly outside :P. And as soon as we arrived to the Highlands, we started to saw snow! I know that maybe it was not massive, but living for all my live near the Mediterranean sea… well for me it was a lot of snow!.
We arrived to Aviemore, and then we take the road heading to Glenmore, first stop: Loch Morlich. It was astounding! one of the most beautiful lochs that I ever seen. It was all covered with snow, and you can see behind the loch the mountains, all white because of the snow, so it was really nice.
We continued with the trip, and we arrived to the Ski Centre but, unfortunately, no reindeers :(. So instead of going back to Dundee we decided to go to the Reindeer House in Glenmore and at least we could saw some of these lovely animals. I must say that it was not as awesome as I expected, but maybe it was because we were late for the daily excursion (at 11am) and we could only saw the reindeers inside the enclosure. But I think that could be a great idea to go there another day (early this time) and catch that daily excursion! But in general it was really nice area to explore, better in winter and better with snow!.
Some tips:
-Be careful on the roads, even with snow are not that bad, but take care!
-Reindeer House Website: http://www.cairngormreindeer.co.uk
-Warm clothes, and snow boots