Lighthouse time shoot
Three in the sea
Castle in the sea
Castle in ruins
Door to the ocean
Sea in aberdeenshire
Cliff in aberdeenshire
Hole to sky
Castle sea
Lighthouse shore
Lighthouse Zoom
Looking for lighthouses, Part I /
discovering Scotland
So we know that the main goal of this trip was the lighthouse, but we had some stops before our final destination. First of all, we went to Bullers O’Buchan, there you can find a collapsed sea cave and stunning views! From there we headed to Slains Castle, well is almost everything in ruins, but it’s free! The best part, maybe is that you can explore the castle, and enjoy the views of the ocean.
So we were close now to the lighthouse, and it was our next stop. At first, we thought that we cannot reach it, because it seemed too far, and the road was awful.. with so many potholes, but well… we went thought this difficult path, and at the end… we parked the car and went to the beach. So we could saw the light at the end of the road, Rattrayhead Lightouse, wow, amazing place!! Because the building is in the middle of the ocean (if the tide is high) so it’s impressive! We also saw some seals, well, some heads :P, they are so shy!
This is the part one, because I want to visit some more Scottish Lighthouses, so pay attention to my future posts!
Some tips:
-If you want to visit the Lighthouse, the road is awful, and is not a short distance, so, the lighthouse is there, I promise, don't give up! This is the "funny" path: Road to the Lighthouse