Waterfall to the ocean
Arbroath Coastal Path
Some more views
Arbroath again
Cliffs on the coast
Auchmitie beach
Harbour wall
Coastal path to Arbroath
Another unsolved Mistery
Views from Fowlsheugh
The coast
Green path next to the cliffs
From Arbroath to Stonehaven /
discovering Scotland
There are so many places to discover in Aberdeenshire! I really like the area, we´ve been there so many times, I already have some posts of this part of Scotland. This time is just some nice paths to go for a walk and really cool views! You can do this trip all at once, in our case it took us several days to visit all of it, mostly because of the weather. Let’s go then!
First stop: Arbroath, well this village for itself it is quite interesting and nice, but we are going to focus just in the coastal path. I remember first time there, I didn’t have the camera with me (a pity) and it was cool, stormy and foggy day, my favourites! The path was closed actually, so we couldn’t even try to go there, we had to go back home, but as it seemed quite interesting we came back another day. Second chance! Not a good day either... But we gave it a try, we were walking for a while until the storm was so bad that, guess what? Heading home again! At least that time I could take some pictures :)
After that, we went to Auchmitie that it is like 10 minutes from Arbroath by car, yeah we went by car, you can go thought the coastal path, It’s 8 miles if I’m not wrong, the bad point is that is a lineal path, so 16 miles in total, a lot!! It is a really cute village, and we saw there a wee restaurant, that we have to try at some point for sure! In here you can take the very same path that starts in Arbroath, or just go down to the beach, both options are very interesting, so it´s up to you now :)
Next stop, well I had to, Montrose lighthouse, just a quick stop to reach it and take some pictures! I remember well that day, it was freezing and very windy, so we were walking fast because it seemed that an even worst storm was coming... As soon as we get there I could do my job and then we went back to the car, almost running!
Last stop, Fowlsheugh, this is a nature reservoir. We went this October, it is not the best time to go, as it is known as a crowded bird nesting place, you can check on her page when is better to go. I can say that best time is summer, because is when the birds are more active, in any case it was a really nice place, with even a waterfall going down to the ocean! It seemed quite dangerous at some parts, you just take care and you´ll be fine :)
Some tips:
- Check out the page of the reservoir: Fowlsheugh reservoir It is great! You must visit it :)
- If you are not lucky with the weather, buy waterproof clothes
- Be very careful! Some areas are quite dangerous