Muchalls beach from the top
Muchalls rocks from the rocks
The old man
The old man closer
long explosure from the rocks, no tripod
lighthouse central
Detail behind the door
lighthouse in bn
Great image of the storm
friendly horse
stormy day
more waves
Looking for lighthouses, Part II /
discovering Scotland
For this one I was hoping for a really stormy day, but it was not the case. Anyway let’s start for the beginning, because we had another stop before the lighthouse: Muchalls. I have to say that we tried to go there once but we failed, so this time I was researching a lot more until I found the correct spot! So let’s go! We parked the car in a Cul de Sac street, and then it was very easy to find because we only needed to cross the railway for a secure bridge and we went ahead until we reach our destination. It was hard, very hard, because the path was soaked, and it’s quite dangerous because you are too close to the edge of the cliffs, but if you take your time is it going to be ok, and the beach is amazing!! Next stop, Aberdeen!
It was raining, but not a lot, so it was not as stormy as I wanted! We could find the lighthouse quite easily, this one that we were looking for it’s not the main one in Aberdeen but it’s more interesting in my opinion. With the camera ready we were heading to the lighthouse, I was not sure on where I could take the photos, so first we went through the beach and I was not happy with the result so we moved on and investigated around. We found a better place just in front of the lighthouse, it was closed (they put something like: do not enter it's dangerous…) but my husband found a spot in which I could took some nice pics! Later on, we went to the other side of the pier, and stay there for more than 40 minutes just waiting for the perfect wave, well it was not perfect but I think that in the end the set is not that bad :P
Some tips:
-Here you can found the map that I follow to reach the Muchalls Beach
-Be extremely precautious in the path to the Muchalls beach!
- It could be nice to check the forecast first, in order to found a dramatic lighthouse :)